Unique Bedroom Lighting Fixtures

Bedroom lighting fixtures are the special lighting for bedrooms. The interesting about this lighting is the fact that they use many unique designs of chandeliers for the bedroom lightning. Some of the people even try to create something different for their bedroom lighting. In this article, we’re going to talk about some unique bedroom lightings using chandeliers and curtains.

Bedroom Lighting Fixtures: Chandeliers

The first one is chandelier. It’s a common thing to use chandelier as the lighting for the bedroom. But, for these lighting fixtures, the chandeliers that used are the unique one. There is a cute and sparkling star-shaped chandelier hang up on the ceiling. There is also unique fireworks-shaped chandelier that looks really sparkling, and many more. Those kinds of chandeliers are really special and that chandelier is the only one that used for the bedroom’s lightning.

Curtain Lighting Fixtures

The second thing is the curtains lighting. This lighting is simple yet wonderful. The experts will install bulbs around the inside part of the window and then cover the windows with transparent and colored curtains. When the night comes, you can switch off the regular lamp and switch on the lamps behind the curtains. You will see a great view of light from the windows that have colors since it passed the transparent and colored curtains.