Design Your Own Bedroom Side Tables

Bedroom side tables somehow can be included into the important stuff which should be available in every bedroom, yet there is no many people know well about its function. As well as you want to lay comfortably on your bed, you need it to put your before-bed book you want to read first, or become […]

Mickey Mouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Mickey Mouse bedroom decor ideas can be collected easily by doing some research on the internet due to get the best decoration ideas, as same as the projection on your own mind. However, as there will no doubt that the dominant color used for the Mickey Mouse are red and black, you should also consider […]

Bedroom Lighting Ideas in Arrangement for Kids

Bedroom lighting ideas should be the first thing you consider before install the light arrangement into your bedroom, especially as if you have school-age children. The important stuffs come from function of bedroom itself. You probably will know that the bedroom is no use for sleep only, right? Bedroom is also the best place where […]

Unique Bedroom Lighting Fixtures

Bedroom lighting fixtures are the special lighting for bedrooms. The interesting about this lighting is the fact that they use many unique designs of chandeliers for the bedroom lightning. Some of the people even try to create something different for their bedroom lighting. In this article, we’re going to talk about some unique bedroom lightings […]

Basic Metal Bedroom Furniture

Metal bedroom furniture is the typical furniture that made from metal. Furniture can be made from three materials: wood, plastic, and metal. Most of the furniture in the stores is made from wood. But there are also some of the furniture that made from metal and plastic. In this case, we’re going to talk about […]

Super Hero Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kid’s bedroom ideas are the ideas about creating a bedroom that the kids will like. Actually, if we talk about the ideas for kid’s bedroom, there’ll be a lot of things such as cartoon, Barbie, Disney, super hero, and many more. Those are things that the kids like and interest with. But in this article, […]

Elegant Bedroom Chandeliers

Bedroom chandeliers are the special chandeliers that used in the bedroom. Chandelier itself is a decorative light that hangs from ceiling and it usually has many decorations such as colorful branches and many more. The basic purpose of the chandeliers is just the same as other lamps, but it seems like there are more purposes […]

The Things of IKEA Bedroom Sets That Can Furnish Your Bedroom

IKEA bedroom sets come as a set of bedroom furniture in low cost. IKEA has been well known as the provider of home decor and furniture which comes i affordable price. Hence, everybody can make the interior of their home look have a style on a budget. If you are looking for bedroom furniture set […]